Computer Repair & Upgrades


When your computer starts to slow down, it can be frustrating and confusing. Viruses, malware, pop-ups and a basic lack of maintenance can bring your computer experience to a grinding halt. For a flat fee of $75 we will have your system cleaned up and back to you in 24 to 48 hours. Want some upgrades? The conversion to a solid state hard drive, or the addition of more memory can make an older floundering laptop or PC exponentially faster. For all our repair and upgrade services, we charge flat fees, and cost for the parts.

Desktop and Media Center custom builds

Need a new desktop? Want something that is a gaming powerhouse? A DVR that plugs right into your home media system and TV? Something basic just for email and web browsing? We can do it all, and at a budget that YOU select. Simply call, or sit down with one of our IT professionals so we can design the system that’s perfect for your needs, without all the ads, junk software, and spyware that the big guys install. You order the parts and software with our assistance, we assemble, and provide a year of support. For an additional fee we can even transfer over all of your old data.

Backup and Data Storage


These days everyone just throws their pictures and memories onto their PC and don’t give it a second thought. When that hard drive eventually dies, it can cost thousands to restore your data. Have a WebSp8 IT professional visit your home or office for a free consultation. The addition of a NAS device, can insure the safety of your data with ease. We will set up the device, as well as your backup schedule, and show you how to manage it. Many of today’s storage devices even act as cloud storage, allowing you to access your data from your smart phone or tablet devices!

Networking - Home/Office

Did you know that you could send your internet connection over the electric wiring of your house, or that there are ways to expand your wireless network without replacing your router?  We do, and we would be happy to consult with you on getting the most out of your internet connection, at your home or office!

Service and Support

You can always call one of the Websp8 experts to provide support for almost any IT issue you're faced with. You can also purchase a monthly service contract to have one of the Websp8 Experts available to you whenever you or one of your employees faces an IT issue that is bringing office productivity to a stop.  From PC's to Printers, we can provide support for your small business that is as affordable as it is reliable!

T: 516-909-2380

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